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flute n' whistle



andreas rogge the pipemaker

archives of up listserver

na poibari uilleann NPU piper's union

Uilleann Pipers Club Schaffhausen

uillean pipes obsession

uilleann wiki

UP Reed Adjustement

Great Northern Irish Pipers videos

deutsche up gesellschaft e.v.

bagpipes spain gaita gallega

bagpipe web directory linkz

the universe of bagpipes

iconography pics

jokes   bodhran

ross music some very traditional pipe gems

Dudelsack DIY

gaita de foles Portugal

swedish bagpipes

Sackpfeifer Swiss Pipes

brendan wade Piper



chiffandfipple know how on whistle, flute and pipes and fun

what`s an Irish flute?

A Guide to the Irish Flute

the flow guide to the irish flute

session flutes

rick wilson old flutes

tom aebi flutes

terry mcghee infos & flutes

overton low whistles the original ones

packie manus tunes to listen and learn

brother steve`s tutor


irish flute tunes

oldest flutes


tin whistle tunes

fiddle forum Deutschland


drehleierzentrum Beat Schenk



breandan white the bodhran maker(Cornel)

Christian Hedwitschak Better buy Bavarian Bodhrans

Bodhran roots


celtic guitar talk



drehleier Beat Schenk & Ulrike Fritsch




slainte albums on bandcamp *

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